The University of California, as a publicly funded institution, is accountable to the people of California for how well if fulfills its tripartite mission of education, research and public service. UC's Reporting Transparency website provides access to a wide range of financial and other operational information about the University.

Each year, the University prepares an Accountability Report – a comprehensive assessment of its progress in meeting key teaching, research and public service goals. A browsable version of the most current report is accessible online. Full versions of all the Accountability Reports since 2009 may be downloaded in pdf format. Also available at the Accountability site are a series of annual Accountability Sub-Reports covering Admissions and Enrollment, Diversity, Faculty Competitiveness, Health Sciences and Services, the Research Enterprise, Staff, Student Success and University Private Support.

This section of the InfoCenter presents a series of Campus Profiles, each of which provides a concise statistical overview of one of the UC Campuses. Here too are three sets of District Profiles, summarizing UC's presence and impact by legislative district, for US Congressional and State Senate and Assembly Districts.